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Pet Wellness Care

Guiding your pet down the road to wellness is part of our mission here at Colma Animal Hospital. Just like people, it’s important for your pet to see a doctor at least once a year to be sure they’re healthy. Depending on your pet’s age and lifestyle, our doctors may recommend bi-annual exams to accommodate your pet’s specific needs. Each wellness exam includes a nose-to-tail evaluation, which is detailed below.

Pet Vaccinations in Colma

Weight Check: to ensure that the weight aligns with the recommended BMI for your pet’s age and breed. If necessary, we can provide diet and exercise counseling.

Skin and Coat Evaluation: to check for dandruff, dry skin, rashes, infection and other issues such as atopy that may require treatment.

Eyes, Nose, and Ears Evaluation: to check for irregularities, such as cataract, glaucoma, dry eye, growths, ear mites, odors, and discharge, as these may be signs of an infection.

Oral Exam: to detect tartar build-up, bad breath, masses, and other abnormal symptoms that may be signs of gum disease. If necessary, we can schedule an appointment for a comprehensive dental cleaning or diagnostic imaging exam.

Heart and Lungs: to check for heart murmurs, crackles, rales, fluid in lungs and other abnormalities.

Legs, Abdomen, and Anal Sac: to check for atypical reactions, including pain or masses in abdomen.

Fecal Exam: to check for intestinal parasites (stool sample required)

Pet Exams in Colma

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Pet Vaccinations

Cat FeLV/FIV Testing

Heartworm Prevention for Dogs and Cats

Flea-and-Tick Prevention for Dogs and Cats

Intestinal Parasite Prevention

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