Navdeep Bhakhri


Practicing veterinary medicine since 1996, Dr. Bhakhri completed his licensing at Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa in 1999. He’s worked in the San Francisco/Bay area for many years before purchasing Colma Animal Hospital. With over 20 years of experience, he handles everything from internal medicine and soft-tissue surgeries to orthopedic cases, including anterior cruciate ligament ( ACL ) repair and medial patella luxation ( MPL ) repair. Pets often develop degenerative bone and joint issues and Dr. Bhakhri’s special interests include orthopedic surgeries that repair injured bone and joints to alleviate their pain.

When he’s not treating patients, Dr. Bhakhri spends time with his spouse and two children. Additionally, Dr. Bhakhri enjoys watching and playing sports. Growing up with a family that cared for many animals and a background in medicine, the veterinary field seemed like a natural choice. Dr. Bhakhri is pleased to serve the pets and people of Colma Animal Hospital.